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"Music is the Most Important Part of the Music Business"
   - Founding motto, 1983

Relax Music Group is an Independent Music Marketing, Management, Booking and Promotion firm, that commenced official operations in the fall of 2008. However, RMG has a long and storied history going back to the early 1980's, when it first commenced operations as Relax Productions in 1983. Founded by RMG Partner Patrick Rule, the original company was instrumental in promoting and breaking Alternative and Metal artists to College Radio, from Tracy Chapman, Michael Penn and Katrina and the Waves, to Vain, Leatherwolf and Kix.

In 2008, principal partner Patrick Rule brought the partners and affiliates together under the Relax Music Group banner, with the goal of providing their comprehensive service offerings to Independent and Major Label artists. In the current climate of the music industry, the opportunity exists to provide artists with the essential services they require to reach wider audiences. From Music Marketing and Radio Promotion, to Artist Development and Management, Relax Music Group provides decades of industry experience necessary for Recording Artists to reach Greater Success in the Music Business.

In 2010, Music Industry Legend Artie Kornfeld joined Relax Music Group as a Consultant ("Professor Emeritus", "Chairman", "Icon"), bringing his decades of music industry innovation to our firm. As the co-creator and sole promoter of Woodstock, Artie not only changed the shape of the Rock Music -- by launching the careers of countless acts -- but he is also hailed as creating one of the defining moments of the era. Artie lends his wisdom, experience and keen eye for talent to RMG, leading our company to the future of our industry with roots deeply seated in music history.

The Music Industry has undergone dramatic change in the Internet Age. The former model of CD sales as the foundation of income for artists and labels does not exist any longer. However, opportunities continue to exist for Relax Music Group to merge it's business principles with products and services targeted with the current market environment in mind.

Working our existing core businesses, and developing our secondary businesses into emerging online markets, RMG exists to provide low cost and no cost exposure opportunities for independent recording artists. At the same time, Relax Music Group is committed to remaining true to it's founding motto: "Music is the Most Important Part of the Music business".

Relax Music Group Principals

Artie Kornfeld:

Co-creator and sole promoter of Woodstock 1969, Artie Kornfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942. The man who would later be deemed "The Father of Woodstock" would go on to become one of the most respected composers, publishers, producers, managers, and promoters in the history of rock and roll.

Kornfeld got his first guitar in 1956 and learned a few chords that were pretty much universal at the time. He soon found himself with a record deal and on stage with Dion and the Belmonts with The Skyliners singing backup. Kornfeld would further his music career by attending Adelphi College and American University where he met Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas.

After a few more fortuitous music connections, Kornfeld began his enterprise of writing the most Cashbox top 100 of any song writer. Kornfeld became the vice president of Capitol Records in his early 20s, making him the youngest to hold the position and the first vice president of rock and roll ever. By 1966, Kornfeld had written over 75 Billboard charted songs and participated in over 150 albums. In 1969, Kornfeld left Capitol records to co-create The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.

Kornfeld's dedication to the Woodstock ideals did not end with the festival. Known as "The Father of Woodstock", a title given to him by the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, he played a big role in helping save the Woodstock site from being built upon when the Max Yasgur farm was sold. Kornfeld is also responsible for putting the Academy Award winning Warner Brother's documentary together. Much of the historical documentation of Woodstock is supplied by the acts featured in the film which Kornfeld had to all convince to appear. He is in the movie so much because backstage, he was solely in charge of getting the performers to sign what were basically blank contracts prior to going on stage. He also hired the award winning director Michael Wadleigh to shoot the film.

Far after the historical Woodstock festival, Artie Kornfeld has taken the ideals of the counterculture and put them into practice in a modern day setting. He has spent 40 years speaking to schools, organizations, and universities on the true meaning behind Woodstock. The embodiment of the Woodstock Nation has used his career pre and post Woodstock 1969 to convey the true meaning to those with open minds and ears. Kornfeld has done over 5,000 radio interviews and hosts his own show aptly titled "The Spirit Show" with Artie Kornfeld in which he reaches the ears of over 1,000,000 listeners in 20 different countries every Tuesday at 10pm EST on

Patrick Rule:

Patrick began his 30 plus year career in the music industry, managing and booking artists in the Midwest. Based in St. Louis at the time, Patrick founded Relax Productions, and began providing Artist Management and College Radio Promotion services to the industry. Working with long time associate Artie Kornfeld (The Father of Woodstock), Patrick was instrumental in breaking Tracy Chapman, by taking her to Number One on the CMJ Charts in 1988.

In the 1990's, Patrick grew Relax Productions to a staff of 11 promoters, representing hundreds of artists to College Radio, and breaking such acts as Big Mountain, Goldfinger, Circle of Dust, The Hunger and Violet Burning to the top of the CMJ Charts. Relax Productions also introduced established major label artists to College Radio, including Carl Perkins, Todd Rundgren, Robin Trower and Dweezil Zappa.

In 1999, Patrick left the music industry to create Relax Web Productions, an Internet Web Site Design and Development company. Relax Productions continued operations under the Space 380 Music Promotion banner, led by long time Relax promoter Mat Matlack. Space 380 continued representing high profile artists to College Radio, including My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, Gooding and Gravity Kills.

In 2007, Mat decided to leave the promotion business to pursue other opportunities. Patrick once again stepped in and resumed day-to-day operations, renaming the company to Relax Music Group. With more than 12 years of Internet Development experience, and 3 decades of Music Industry experience, Patrick has been instrumental in the development of,, and

Principal Summary:

In one form or another, Relax Music Group has provided continuous support of recording and performing artists since 1983. Our principals Artie Kornfeld and Patrick Rule, our associates and affiliates, have made historic impact for countless recording artists throughout their storied careers. Don't get them talking about all the rehearsals, recording sessions, gigs, tours, and projects these fellas have been a part of... They've done it all, so it would be a long conversation.

Moving forward in the modern music era, Relax Music Group is positioned to provide comprehensive services to independent and acclaimed clients alike. From original and innovative marketing and promotion opportunities, to time-tested management and consulting experience, RMG has the talent and tenacity to lead great music to great success.

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